Let peace come


Let peace come …

When emotions flood like a tsunami in your soul and you are drowning
When doubts torment  your mind and confusion reigns
When fear takes hold and ravages your being
When you are crippled from within

When grief envelops you like fog in the valley
When sorrow stakes its claim to your joy
When being overwhelmed becomes the norm
When your lifeblood no longer flows

When lightning strikes more than once in the same place
When circumstances expose your frailty
When the desire to hide outweighs the desire to thrive
And you want to give in to it all …

Let peace come
Like a wave
Gentle to sooth
Fierce to break through

Peace to still the noise
Peace to bring clarity
Peace to stabilise your ground
Peace to lift the fog
Peace to renew your joy
Peace to give your strength
Peace to breathe hope
Peace to bring rest
Peace to speak deep into the heart to say ‘It’ll be ok’

Let peace come

Is there a place in your being that needs shelter?

Let peace come

Ps 29:11; Php 4:7

Ang xx


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